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Suspicious? Mad? Scared? Sad? Frantic? You've come to the right place. Learning the truth will give you the peace of mind you need. Charlotte Investigations of North Carolina is a private investigation agency handling adultery and child custody investigations, surveillance work and service of process

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We pride ourselves on delivering quality, service and value in legal support services to individuals, corporations, insurance companies, small businesses, law firms, and government departments. When you hire our private detectives, you are hiring a successful team of professional men and women with years of expertise in the field of private investigations.

Who We Are
Charlotte Investigations is owned by Clint J. Cooper and is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Clint has been a Charlotte resident since 1969 and has served the Charlotte Metropolitan Area as a licensed Private Investigator and Process Server since 1986.

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"Investigator Cooper got the video I needed to confront my husband about his cheating. His fees were the most reasonable I found and I definitely got my money's worth."
 –Jennifer S.

"The video taped evidence Mr. Cooper got on my case saved me thousands of dollars in alimony payments." 
–Michael B.

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National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS)

NC Private Investigator License #1115 issued by
NC Department of Public Safety, Private Protective Services Division

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